Areas of Application

Steel Industry

Temperature is one of the extreme working conditions prevailing in the production of steel. Our lubricants maintain their maximum capacity despite the presence of high temperature, steam, acids, water and high pressures. Our range offers high performance products for this industrial area.

Aerospace Industry – Aeronautics

WhaleSpray is located in the forefront of lubricants development and products for the maintenance of aerospace industry, products that meet or exceed the most demanding specifications of the aeronautical and aerospace applications. We offer the widest range of products for aircraft that can be obtained from a single supplier: aviation greases, turbine oils, hydraulic systems, etc.

Agricultural Industry – Agriculture and livestock

In our range of specifics lubricants for agricultural machinery and agricultural sectors, we can offer products quickly biodegradable, maximum performance and fuel economy under severe working conditions. Discover the latest technology in oils and biodegradable greases with vegetal and synthetic base for agricultural machinery.

Food Industry

For all food and beverage sectors, WhaleSpray has developed special lubricants that meet the multiple demands of the food industry, ensuring the availability of the production line. All our products have approvals H-1, H-2, H-3.

Graphic Arts Industry

The graphic arts machinery has evolved rapidly in the last few years, resulting in an increase of production, but also imposing greater demands on lubricants. Consequently, we have developed new specific formulas for this sector, in line with the new requirements of all types of machinery: rotaries, flats, trilaterals, folders, stampers, sewers and auxiliaries.

Automotive Industry

In the automotive sector WhaleSpray offers customers an extensive range of aerosols, lubricants and maintenance products in general. Automotive engine oils, heavy vehicles, transmissions and gearboxes, hydraulics, motorcycle oils and quad, two-stroke oil engine, marine oils, etc.

Cement Industry

The cement industry requires a lot of equipment. Lubrication has an important role ensuring the best performances for your equipment under severe operating conditions. WhaleSpray has strengthened its presence in this market to provide complete solutions for lubrication. We offer a wide range of products covering all production processes in cement plants, with specific knowledge for each application: high temperatures, high loads and aggressive environments.

Electronics Industry

WhaleSpray offers its customers the most comprehensive range of aerosol products for professionals in the electrical and electronic sector: precision cleaners, degreasers, lubricants, corrosion inhibitors. The entire product range is specially manufactured for precision applications and professional use only. We have over 25 formulas that cover 100% of the sector's needs.

Renewable Energy Industry

WhaleSpray offers TRIBO-ECOLOGICAL solutions for all renewable energy sources: biomass, geothermal, wind, hydraulic and solar. One of the main objectives of WhaleSpray is to meet the constant and growing environmental demands. For that reason, we develop rapidly biodegradable lubricants, minimizing soil and aquifers pollution.

Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Industry

WhaleSpray WhaleSpray has developed special lubricants and registered as H-1 to help our customers with the compliance of the demanding standard GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) which regulates the pharmaceutical industry. Our lubricants H-1 cover 100% of lubrication in pharmaceutical machinery, compressed presses, blistering machines, capsule filling machines, granulators, liquid packaging, vacuum pumps and compressors.

Railways Industry

We offer special high-performance lubricants for rail vehicles and rail facilities, in order to increase performance, reduce wear and extend maintenance intervals. With the utmost respect for the environment.

Wood Industry

The forest products industry continues to evolve into new and updated machinery, working in a competitive world stage. Having optimal performance and improve equipment availability are key factors for competitiveness. So that the raw material travels quickly from the forest to the manufacturing process of the final products, WhaleSpray offers: a wide range of high performance lubricants covering any application: from lumber mills to the production of final products in the timber industry.

Metallurgy Industry

WhaleSpray produces an extensive range of products for the set of operations used to change the shape and dimensions of a metal piece without loss of material, and in which the machinery precises from cooling and lubricating oils. Products for wire drawing, stretching, deep drawing, stamping, precision and sintering die cut, are available in our catalog.

Military Industry

WhaleSpray supplies a full range of products specially approved for the military industry, registered and approved by the demanding standards MIL and NATO. Our range consists of degreasing, antioxidants, oils, greases, anti-seize, leak detectors, adhesives, safety solvents, etc.

Mining Industry

In the mining sector, maintenance is carried out in extreme conditions and high demand. WhaleSpray therefore has high performance products that guarantee an outstanding result under conditions of high and low temperature and pollution; even if sometimes biodegradable and non-toxic products are required. We cover all the needs of products in the stages of extraction, loading and transportation of material.

Nuclear Industry

WhaleSpray makes available to its customers a range of products approved by the PMUC agreement for its use in the nuclear industry, formulated under a strict quality control for maximum safety and efficiency in an industry rated as the most demanding in the world.

Public Works Industry

The range of products for public works has been created to meet the multiple needs of our customers with the highest levels of quality, taking into account the commitment to the environment that this sector must combine with different applications, gearboxes, differentials, hydraulic systems, compressors, motor oil, grease, drilling machinery, etc.

Paper and Cardboard Industry

In the laborious process of paper and cardboard production, extreme demands are combined regarding the products used for mechanical maintenance, high and low temperatures, water, steam, high-speed, high load, aggressive chemicals, pollution, etc. WhaleSpray has developed a wide range of products that ensure the availability of process equipment for wood preparation, pulping, paper making, finishing paper and corrugated.

Fishing Industry

WhaleSpray product line for the fishing sector offers qualities to water washout resistance, antioxidant protection, durability, and cold resistance. It also allows custom formulations for our customers. We meet all specific applications such as traction cables, bearings, gears, guides, tracks dryers, mobile pulleys, gates, deck cranes, propeller shafts and casing rings.

Plastic and Rubber Industry

The plastic and rubber industry machinery is subjected to extreme loads, high temperatures and environmental pollution. WhaleSpray products ensure a smooth production with high reliability and maximum equipment availability. To protect OFF LINE molds we have the most comprehensive range of the market in antioxidant products, with more than 20 unique formulations.

Chemical Industry

Chemical plants maintenance is a very considerable part of the operational costs because of the complexity, severe operating conditions and the degree of automation. Therefore, WhaleSpray offers specific products for maintenance in chemical plants, in order to ensure maximum equipment availability and increased relubrication interval. Our high performance products cover the demanding expectations from the best maintenance professionals in the chemical sector.

Textile Industry

The textile machinery industry is continually evolving. Modern equipments are designed seeking for high performance. This hinders the maintenance and generates multiple pressure points, loads and environmental pollution. This implies that the requirements in the quality of the products used for the maintenance are very high. WhaleSpray offers the most comprehensive range of solutions for all types of machines: spinning, chemical fiber spinning, winding, twisting, knit fabric, knitting, gluing, weavers, and finishers.

Glass Industry

The specifications that the glass industry requires are: high temperature resistance, low residue formation and long lubrication intervals. WhaleSpray offers a range of special products and suitable for specific applications in this sector: bearings, blades, pistons, unscramblers, hinges, etc.