We are Whale Spray although we are known as the whale brand. We have an endorsement of more than 25 years of experience in the formulation, design, manufacture and sale of Sprays and technical lubricants.

Our purpose as a company is to offer solutions and with that we do not only refer to the part of the product as a solution, but to all the variables that interfere in this, be they quality, price, distribution, etc. At Whale Spray we have a different way of doing our work and it is what sets us apart from our competitors, we want you to be part of us and feel the passion that we feel when operating in this sector.

Oficinas Whalespray

We have a 360º vision of the market, covering all the important aspects to success and adapting to the needs of our customers in detail, making both the product and its properties fit with the customers’ requirements, since we know that each customer is different and therefore has different needs.

Currently, we are in the TOP 1 in innovation at European level in our sector, as well as in product range, which has more than 1000 references in spray and bulk format so that we can ABSOLUTELY cover all the needs of our customers. In addition our R & D department has the best chemists in the sector, which allows us to pack almost everything in a spray, so if our customers need a product that we do not have, there is no problem in developing it for them, always with the highest quality and performance.

At Whale Spray, what we do is generate business with our customers; we make our partners grow through a good product and a better relationship.

We want you to be part of us and feel the passion that we feel for our work, the question is, do you want to be part of it?

WS Business Model

In WS we seek cooperation with qualified and proactive companies, to continue developing our product and innovate every day, thus generating lasting relationships that allow us to open new customers and markets, so that we can thrive together as a great team.

Another important aspect to note is that WS, offers territorial exclusivity by provinces to its clients, which means that your company will be the only one that will have the representation of WS in your area, thus having control in the territory that operates, obtaining as result that all the queries that are generated in your area, will be derived to your company so that you can manage them.

WS Customer Service

We have a modern, innovative and different image, besides being attractive and easy to identify, also, our range of products differs by colors and a numerical series, which greatly facilitates the distinction of these and makes it easier to operate with they. In addition, we allocate a large part of our resources exclusively to generate the maximum resources necessary to carry out their work with greater efficiency and dynamism.

If you decide to cooperate with us, we will assign an Area Manager, a technical and commercial specialist with experience in your sector, territory and product. Through this plan you will have a preference for contact, care for 12 hours a day and a stock service and permanent delivery of the products you use most often. All plans also include a favorable price proposal and custom discounts.

Contact us right now and we will provide you with information:

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WS Commitment

WhalesSpray is the leader company in lubricant sprays solutions and technology for professional and individual use. Therefore, the commitment with our products and our customers is strong and long-term:

  1. We commit to move forward, innovate, and identify opportunities that offer advantages to our customers.
  2. We commit to guide our business beyond the satisfaction of our customers. We will bring more and better service, more and better attention and response to your needs.
  3. We commit to promote and cultivate long-term relationships. We believe in the future, innovating in products, solutions and value added services.
  4. We commit to sustainable development of our commitments, to fulfill our promises as much as possible, with the principles of cooperation and collaboration with our customers.
  5. We commit with ethics and business commitment, industrial and commercial activity, and all that concerns our society.